What is CBD(Cannabidiol) oil?

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There are many out there who aren’t aware of about CBD oil or some of them are aware that such an oil called CBD exist but aren’t aware of what exactly it and the factors surrounding it.

So, for people who want to understand what is CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil, read along and I assure when you are finished you won’t be same person who was clueless what CBD is.

CBD oil is an extract from the Cannabis Sativa plant, this plant is said two have two types of species in it, one being marijuana and another being hemp.

If you are a perspective CBD buyer, it is very important for you to understand the difference between these two.

The one main factor which contributes to the difference is the THC level, this is considered as psychoactive component which can get a person high, a reason for it being considered as an illegal substance.

You might ask why this is considered illegal, there will be many out there thinking CBD is not safe, it will get you high, but it is not the CBD but the THC.

Marijuana has a very high THC level which is not approved of United States government and Hemp having very low THC level has got a go from the government based on the legal laws.

In CBD oil there are two main types of oil,

  1. Full spectrum and the
  2. Second one is CBDisolate

The CBD isolate is the one which has no trace of CBD, full spectrum still has a trace of THC which makes it more beneficial than isolate because according to many researches a tiny amount of THC enhances the effect but the level of THC is very low to a very insignificant level that it wont  cause any harm.

So, going for full spectrum is always recommended, in Vers Naturals that is why all their products are full spectrum with less than 0.3% of THC level which is legally allowed by the government.

Generally, it is difficult to extract full spectrum oil when extraction from hemp, because while extraction sometimes the CBD component divide itself from other components but while extracting from marijuana the CBD with THC and other components such as CBG, CBGA, CBDA and other terpenes are extracted together, this enables it being more beneficial than CBD alone.

What are the health benefits of CBD oil?

health benefits of CBD oilThe health benefits of CBD oil is numerous, one reason for many country and state legal laws giving a certain amount of allowance for this product.

This CBD oil is said to provide a safety net from many developing chronic diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes and CBD oil is having many health benefiting properties such as Anti-Inflammation, relaxer has made this product trend in the medical industry.

Its Anti-Inflammatory properties makes it an herbal pain killer better than all the synthetic medication existing in the market.

CBD oil is also very effective in enabling weight loss, this helps to lower the obesity rate and prevent many diseases which is contributed by obesity.

Taking a full spectrum CBD oil provides faster and better health benefits and for the price we pay for the product it is better to get the whole benefits.

There are so many vendors such as Vers Naturals who’s star product is full spectrum CBD oil because they believe in providing nothing better than the best for their customers.

So, if you are wondering is it necessary, I should necessarily take a full spectrum with all the components for a cure, the answer for this question depends because we are all very different, but if you are suffering from chronic diseases, full spectrum does a better job of suppressing those symptoms, the THC is very low there is no possibility for you to get high.

It always better not to Self-medicate, so getting a doctor’s consultation before backing it up with your research provides the best benefits.

CBD oil benefits extend it to be a cure for many mind sicknesses as well such as Anxiety, depress and Insomnia.

CBD oil can be called as an all rounder in the medical field.

 Is CBD legal?

legalization of CBDThat a million-dollar question and a common question. With all this confusion with THC talk being illegal, this might be confusing so the answer for this question highly depends on where you are asking from.

In United states CBD oil is fully legal if it is made from 100% hemp, marijuana still ha sits complexities.

According to recent legal laws Hemp is no more a controlled substance but the FDA still has some control over it.

Buying CBD oil is also legal in USA till it follows all the legal laws set by the government.

The legality can be quite confusing what with continuous change in the laws, we just must see how everything pans out.

But for now, CBD full spectrum hemp extracted oil is legal in all 50 states of United states of America.


CBD oil basically a plant extract but this is also a major trending business due to the massive growth in its popularity.

Its THC factor is stopping it from reaching the hands of many people who need it so if you are one of the people.

I hope you got a clearer picture on that issue.

CBD oil being a clinically proven cure so don’t be afraid to use If your countries legal laws allow it even doctors have started prescribing it in the place of pain killers for their patients, if you see the synthetic medication, we generally have a lot of more side effects than CBD oil.

So, it is said that CBD oil will the revolutionary change the medical industry wishes to see. CBD oil taking it casually incorporated with your food provides long term health benefits, you may not be suffering any major illness, but it keeps you fit and healthy for the future.

CBD oil is not a miracle drug so don’t get the wrong idea it is just like any other medication, only with continuous and monitored intake, the desired results can be seen.