Thoughts About Chittenango Bakery’s CBD cake and the Future of CBD oils

new cbd cupcake dish introduced by a backery in chittenango

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They say you can never be sad when  eating the cupcake but in this case it is more than the sugar and buttery goodness which is doing the job, it is the CBD and I am not talking about the happiness you get from a high but it is a happiness you get while doing something that you love which enhances both your mental and physical health.

I guess that’s what The Hamlet Diner in Chittenango is providing for its customers for there to be a constant incoming of people standing outside their diner to try out their CBD induced Baked goods.

Today i am going to say about theCBD cake which is sold by the Hamlet Dinner Bakery in Chittenango. By the popularity of the CBD cake i have predicted some future expansion of CBD related products. I have explained all these details here.

Is this CBD cake is legal?

CBD Cupcake LegalityI know for many who are reading you can maybe be like,

Wait, isn’t that illegal”,

I don’t think so. For people whose mind is filled with all the stigma surrounding CBD, this may sound very suspicious or may instigate you to think of the Bakery in a bad light but let me say, no they are not doing anything illegal these are not like the regular “Hash Brownies” you have heard about.

In addition the complete information about the CBD, i will give you the complete legal use of this CBD cake.

What is all about CBD and How it is legal?

Sometimes with all the outside and internal information sometimes some important factors get lost in transition, THC and CBD being a totally different entity is forgotten by many.

Let me put it in simple terms CBD also known Cannabinoid is an Cannabis plant extract which has many health benefiting properties, it’s the THC that has Psychoactive properties that has the ability of getting people high or impact the mind if taken in a larger quantity so now I hope your mind is clear and you can see those baked in a more clearer light for being what they are CBD and frosting induced baked goods.

How the idea of CBD cake is born?

Story of CBD cupcakesWhere did Alexandria Ciotti and Dawn McCarthy get this idea, did they just wake up one day and think, hmm should we a teeny bit of CBD oil to this batter, I don’t think so. The McCarthy where first introduced to CBD when their pain killer’s prescription was replaced by CBD, which was a better health supplement than any other medicine they were taking before. And as their faith in CBD grew, with the introduction of CBD products in the form of chewy gummy drops made them believe that CBD oil can be part of edibles as well.

CBD became introduced on of the main ingredients in their pancake and then their coffee or for one customer it was in their clam chowder. Noting history people who have implemented their personal experience into their business have had a great success, this scenario is a prime example The McCarthy husband and wife have battled with a number of health and CBD oil is the armor they wore so using that in a business sense, it is very clever of them and also very generous of them to not to be the only one who reaps the benefits from CBD.

Difficulties McCarthy faced during the making of CBD cake

CBD Cupcake making difficultiesMcCarthy and their daughter experimenting with CBD oil in their coconut and chocolate frosted cupcakes and their other baked goods has made their business into a huge success. But this success didn’t come easy to them after batches and batches of failed attempt later only provided these results.

I guess it paid off because in this scenario both the customer and the owners are benefited with their CBD normal cupcakes and CBD gluten free cupcakes and they say eating cupcakes is not healthy.

Because of this innovation in the world of CBD and edibles, now people can have guilt free indulgence. Now this has become one of the other ingredients they use in their food and according to them and their customers lack of CBD in the baked goods has made a noticeable difference and its presence has made a lot of health benefiting difference for both the owners and the customers. This may make you think, does that mean it becomes an addiction, I don’t think it just enhances the whole experience.

 What is the Future of CBD oil after this CBD cake?

cbd cupcake futureThis just feels like a beginning, even with the McCarthy who are planning to introduce CBD into their The North Pole ice cream store and also part of their Fat Bottom grill truck which makes us believing that they are planning to take CBD to the next level and with the phenomenal success seen from their bakery, this is believed to have the same level of response from their customers.

So, does CBD introduction of CBD in the edible world will start becoming a trend and many more people will start developing an acceptable attitude towards CBD oil, may be or may not but the chances may be is high with all the success The Hamlet diner has been seeing.

What are the future CBD oil products?

CBD in the future can become a regular ingredient in the soups, burger or even the eggs you consume just like someone though yeah come on everyone let’s eat spoiled milk, and then we had cheese, I know the world will like to thank whoever who made that discovery. CBD oil having health benefiting properties such as Anti-inflammation instigator then adding it with junk food will make the dreams all the people who want to lose weight but who still do not want to part ways with burger. This can be a revolution.

Future of the CBD business based on these CBD mixed food items

To see the future of CBD oil in the long term has the chances making a revolutionary change such as in people’s health and mind, the rate of obesity will become lesser day by day that is if there is a mass adoption of CBD oil in edible products. This may also increase the demand for CBD and increase in sale of the CBD business. Many CBD oil companies like our Vers Naturals are really happy when these kind of new improvements in the CBD oil business. But there is one factor if you see CBD doesn’t come cheap so implementing it in edible products can the charges become much higher, a $1 coffee becomes $2 but there are many who wouldn’t mind paying an extra dollar. And one day it may become an ingredient for every day home cooking use. The future of CBD oil looks pretty delicious.