Things to know before flying with CBD oil in 2019

guidelines for flying with CBD oil in 2019

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CBD oil has become a staple product for many people because of its amazing abilities to cure chronic pain and inflammation in the body. It is a natural choice to carry the oil anywhere you go. CBD oil may not get you stoned, but it might require you to take some precautions before flying with CBD oil.

CBD oil is approved for use legally in the 50 states of the USA. If you are travelling locally inside the country, then the below mentioned list of tips may be sufficient to carry the oil with ease. But if you are planning to travel internationally, then we suggest you to look into the federal laws of the country or state you visit before traveling with CBD oil internationally.

Let’s know the things you need to look at before travelling with CBD oil within the United States, flying with CBD oil UK and other top countries.

Can you fly with CBD oil?

Many CBD oil users are sports and dancers, they mainly have one doubt is “Can i fly with cbd oil?”.

Here i have listed complete details with some tips for you guys!

CBD oil is a product of the cannabis plant which is known for its other psychoactive products such as marijuana or weed. Since these are illegal; CBD oil is also restricted for use in some countries. Therefore, you must know the rules of each state or country you’re travelling to take CBD oil safely.

CBD oil should meet the Transport Security Administration (TSA) rules to carry it inside an aeroplane. TSA  CBD oil requirements have a set of rules around the size and quantity of CBD oil containers to mark it safe to carry. The containers must not have more than 34 ounces or 100 millimeters of the liquid. If your container exceeds this limit, they will be subjected to additional screening.

Can I Use CBD oil on a Plane?

Traveling with CBD oil is safe in the United States, therefore, it encourages the use of the product within the plane too.

Some people might experience severe headaches or stomach discomforts during flight take-offs and landings. In other cases, people with serious medical health conditions might need the assistance of CBD oil to feel good during the flight.You can mix few drops of CBD oil in-flight beverage and consume it. This can help you stay sober and energetic throughout the travel.

What are the tips for Flying with CBD Oil ?

  • Choose only hemp-derived CBD Oil:

 CBD oils are extracted from various parts of the cannabis plant. Some use only the seeds to extract hemp oil and derive the cannabidiol oil from this oil. And others take CBD oil directly from the leaves, shoots and flowers of the cannabis plant. The oil extracted from cannabis flowers is to known to contain higher amounts of psychoactive Cannabinoids. Therefore, it is best to avoid these types of CBD oils.

There are also CBD oils derived from the marijuana oil which are strictly prohibited for use in the united states. Don’t buy or carry CBD oil with marijuana residues as it may land into trouble.

Buy hemp-derived CBD oil or full spectrum CBD oil. These CBD oils will have cannabidiol and lesser amounts of psychoactive Cannabinoids. Hemp-derived CBD oil is considered to be legally safe to carry anywhere inside the United States. Check your product labels to know that the CBD oil is derived from hemp. 

  • Check for THC levels in your CBD oil:

 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a prominent psychoactive cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. This compound is responsible for causing intoxication effects after the consumption of marijuana or weed, which are illegal drugs derived from the same plant. Therefore, TSA checks for the levels of THC in the CBD oil for security reasons. TSA allows only CBD oil products with less than 0.3% of THC.

If you are buying marijuana based CBD products, then remember that they will contain THC levels above the federal threshold limits. Refrain from carrying these substances during travel.

Take full spectrum CBD oil which usually have 0.3% of THC or pure CBD oil with zero amounts of THC to pass through the security without any issues. 

  • Research and Follow TSA Rules Carefully:

 It is mandatory to abide to the TSA rules for flying across the country and TSA guidelines for CBD oil 2018 is going to end Check for all the legalities for 2019 thoroughly before carrying CBD oil to the airport. Double check the amount of liquid in your containers and comply to regulations about the amount and storage of the oil. This will help complete the security processes quickly and without any problems.

  • Carry medical documents with you: 

It is best to carry the bill of the CBD product you bought from the manufacture to ensure that it is legal for use. Most bills and labels on the product will mention about the content, type and THC levels. This will help you while facing any questions from the officers.

If you are using CBD oil for medical reasons, then carry your doctor’s prescription with you. Explain the purpose of using CBD oil to the officers clearly when you are asked about it.

  • In your carry on bag only put the container of the CBD oil 

It is wise to carry CBD oil in your hand bag or carry-on bag instead of your baggage. If it is placed inside the baggage, then you may not be able to explain about the reason for carrying CBD oil to the officers.

TSA requires you to pass your carry-on bag where you have placed your CBD oil products through the X-ray machine for the complete check. Before entering into the security checks, ensure to pack the CBD oil in a plastic bag and put it inside your carry-on luggage to get the CBD oil checked luggage. Don’t stuff the oil in your checked bag secretively because the officers might become suspicious about it. Be transparent about the CBD oil to pass the security checks because if you’re lucky, they may not even check at all.


As CBD oil products has many benefits and these are becoming popular in the recent years, the federal regulations will become lenient in the future. Till then, it is best to fly with CBD oil by abiding to the TSA rules. Once you know the rules, then your travel becomes easy and hassle-free. Share this guide with your flying CBD lovers. Mainly many people asked that, can you take CBD oil on a plane UK only. So, it will be really benefited for those guys.