Shipping and Returns

shipping return

Vers Naturals is going to provide free and secured shipping to customers living anywhere in the United States. We have formed an understanding with USPS Priority Mail to deliver the items to our customers. The delivery will reach you within two or three business days.

Policy on returns

Customers have a 30-day period from the date of delivery to return products that have not been used and/or opened. These customers will get a full refund for items, but they have to pay for the charges for shipping it back. In case the reason the customer is returning the items because we have sent the wrong product or defective one, then the customer will get a full refund from us and we will also refund them for the shipping cost.

Getting exchanges

Customers who find that the items they received are damaged, incorrect, or broken can exchange them with us. They do not have to pay anything extra for the exchange.

When the refund will come

The normal time required for the customer to receive their refund is four weeks. This time is calculated from the time the return shipper receives the package from the customer. There are, however, many cases where the refund had reached the customer much earlier than that. Customers should include 5-10 business days as transit time. That is the maximum time needed for the items to reach us. Once we have received the item we will take around three to five business days to process the refund. Customer should include this time along with time the bank will take to process the refund request given by us. That is 5 to 10 business days.

In case the refund has not reached the customer within 14 days, they can contact us about it at Vers Naturals promises to do everything possible in their power to resolve the issue.

Shipping Guarantee

We guarantee that all the products that you purchase from us will be delivered to your place with care. The products will be covered with quality cover so that the bottles inside the package will not be damaged.

Need additional information

Customers who have any questions regarding the information given on either shipping or refund contact us at