Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 27/12/2018

Vers Naturals has a privacy policy that governs how it (Vers Naturals or site) can collect data from the user (users) of the site, maintain and use it as well as decide how it can disclose this information. The whole site along with the products sold by the site is governed by this privacy policy.

Different types of information collected

We collect different kinds of information from the users of our site. This information can be broadly classified into personal identification information or personal and non-personal identification information or non-personal.

The personal information consists of things that can be used to identify the person. These include their name, date of birth, address, gender, and so on. This kind of information is collected during service transactions, promotions, signing or registering with us for our services and newsletters, and when the user shares anything from our site with their friends. Also, we gather this information from our both advertisers and our partners.

The non-personal information that cannot be used to identify the person. This kind of information includes the IP address of their computer, the pages of the website the user has visited, the internet service provider they use and so on. We collect this kind of information when the user accesses our site through their browser or phone and when they use our services. We host our site with woo-commerce hosting so that the IP of each user will be noted for improving our services and security.

We make use of browser cookies

Our website makes use of browser cookies. These cookies are usually stored on the user’s computers and they help us identify if the user is a repeat visitor. However, the user has the right to deny us permission to install the cookie. They can adjust the setting of their browser to flatly deny permission to cookies or alert them whenever a site is trying to install cookies. These users, however, must understand that certain features or pages may not work or be accessed respectively.

Purposes for which we use the information

Vers Naturals will use the information for the following purposes only

Giving the user a personalized experience

The information we gather through cookies will help us understand what the user is looking for so we can personalize their experience.

Processing the users’ payments

personal information given by the user while making payment will be only used for processing the payment. This information will not be shared with any third party unless it is needed by the third party to provide the ordered service.

To provide the user with better customer service

The information the cookies gather from the user on our behalf will be used to ensure that customer service requests are promptly answered and the efficiency of support provided to these customers is improved.

Keeping our users up to date

We regularly send emails to our customers. Giving the updates about their orders, replying to their requests and/or queries.

However, if the user has decided to subscribe to our newsletter, we will be sent them updated information about our products and/or services, regular news about the company, and so on. Those who subscribed can use the always use the unsubscribe button found at the bottom of the email to stop receiving this kind of information.

Security for the information collected

The information that is collected by is guarded using safeguards that commercially reasonable. These safeguards are there to insure that the security and integrity of the information are not violated. But no can say that any system is 100% impenetrable and that hold goods for our security service. In case the integrity and security of the data guarded by our security has been violated, we will take every reasonable effort to find how the breach happened and alert the people whose data has been compromised as well as taking other steps that are required by the law as well as the regulation.

Sharing personal information with others has a strict policy of not trading, renting or selling the information with others. When any personal information requested by trusted affiliates, business partners, and advertisers, we will give them only the generic demographic information.

Regarding third party websites

Users can many links and ads that appear on our website from third party websites. These third party sites may be our advertisers, suppliers, sponsors, and so on. These links and advertisements are governed by their own privacy policy. We have no control over the content found on those sites nor do we control the links that appear on the site. Any user who accesses and uses the services and products from these sites should do only after reading the privacy policy and that website’s polices about customer service.

Rights to make changes to the privacy policy

Vers Naturals retains the discretionally rights to change any and/or all parts of this privacy policy. Whenever there are changes in the privacy policy, we will update the version date at the bottom of the page. That is why we are strongly requesting our users to check our website for changes as frequently as possible. This will help our users get the latest information about how we are safeguarding the information the user has given us. The user has fully agreed and acknowledged that they bear the responsibility to constantly check the privacy policy and make they have understood the changes that have been made.

Consent of the user makes it clear that if any user continues to use the website after the changes have been made, we will take it as proof that you have gone through the policy and have accepted it. Those users who do not agree with the changes made in the policy are strongly advised to stop using our website.

Contacting us

Many users might have doubts about this policy as well as the different practices that our site follows. They can contact us not only these matter, but also about their dealings with us.

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