Vers Naturals CBD Oil Review By Our Customer

cbd oil review by vers naturals customer

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Hi! My name is Kelsey Clark my family called me as K.C,

My adoption of CBD method of treatment didn’t just happen, I won’t lie I was extremely hesitant as first and scared but the pain I was facing pushed me to the limits that my pain was scarier than trying a new method of treatment after tried many pain killer drugs like Fentanyl  and OxyContin even if the road to be taken was filled with uncertainty.

With the presence of constant pain, I had the additional benefits of anxiety at February 6, 2018. Always anxious about the next bout of main made me lose my positive perspective on life. I think at one point I was just moved being human to a thing filled with pain and anxiety. When I came to know about CBD at March 13, 2018, by my neighbor jasper the thing which pushed me was the thought,

“What can be worse than this, I can either try or die trying”

God am I glad that I gave it a try.

But my steps towards wasn’t taken blinded steps due to the pain I was facing, I always believe in taking risks, but those risks should always be calculated. The time I spent of the net surfacing on all the information available on CBD oil products and its factors greatly helped.  Making a log on the information I gathered helped me to stay on context.

What really moved and made my faith in CBD grow was the CBD inspirational stories of people who were suffering worse conditions than me. Some of the content I read many real time reviews at Vers Naturals, many US people experience at cbd oil review reddit tag,  lot of CBD related information, its cure at Project CBD and other CBD websites helped to understand the different aspects of CBD, on the role THC plays and other components which is in CBD oil. I was able to separate the myths from facts such as the fact that CBD does not get you high, it’s the THC also which is legal to get in all 50 US states and so my Colorado is really near by the Vers Naturals too. One such article which was written about CBD with THC and without THC presented in Vers Naturals shined the light on my doubts and question.

Here is my CBD oil review with the complete experience from the day 1 and how it changed my life!

[This is the personal experience

The Final push

Sometimes we humans don’t accept something unless we see a solid proof, I am also that kind of person, in one of my readings I read about this housewife named as lore, who was battling a divorce and depression at the same time, how her depressions lead her to obesity and other health problems.

Her success really pushed me to try CBD, her story on using CBD let the light enter her life again really helped. Till that point I was still filled with lot of doubts and question but that point really was a turning point for me and you can also say that also was one of the factor that pushed me to write this blog because just like how the other persons[mainly lore’s first 7 day CBD oil experience blog] story became my inspiration I really believe not sharing my story will be too selfish.

My first CBD experience

first day of CBD oil usageChoosing the right CBD product and deciding where to buy it was a hardship but thanks to man’s greatest invention “Internet” and the many CBD oil review forums the hardship didn’t last long. A short research helped to find the right type of product for me.

Finally found this Vers Naturals which near by my flat. I have ordered the 240mg CBD oil from them on March 20, 2018. They have delivered it on 22nd March 2018 morning sharply 11’o clock. This was a really quick delivery the price also just $38.50 but this is first time purchase so i got their 50% offer with free shipping finally it cost just $17.25.

I started with CBD oil  minimum dosage of 240mg on the very first day 22nd March because am eagerly waiting to solve my pain issues with this naturals gift. I was slight disappointed at first because I dint see any results at first just the slight drowsiness but later the effect started to kick in, there was a slight elevation in the pain and my mood became chipper.

If I must talk about the taste it wasn’t great since I took the non-flavored CBD oil which should take as a drop below your tongue, there was a lot of nose crinkling,

but medicine should taste like medicine, right?

Anything is better than the pain. On my first experience I went to sleep right away and when I woke up the pain was just a small buzz, I felt that the money I paid for it didn’t go down the drain. Even the effect was mild I wasn’t greatly disappointed because this was what I was told to expect from all the articles I read. I was just happy that at least I dint get high or faced other side effects such as rashes.

My constant usage of CBD oil enhanced the effect day by day, it is almost like working out, you don’t say results right away but taking It as a result helps you to see amazing results in the long run.

Pain and me

my long time pain experiencePain and me didn’t lose touch immediately, after the first try there was a re-occurrence of my pain again CBD helped to elevate it so it was an on again off again thing but after several usage you can say me and pain got into a long distance relationship, he does visit me once in a while but it has become rarer day by day.

After a point I stopped thinking continuously about when I will feel the next bout of pain. I started becoming more active, there were a lot of outing but night outs where still not an option because the CBD effect of sleepiness was still with me. But something is better than nothing.

Less pain less Anxiety

Since I was not worried about the pain anymore, I became less anxious that’s when I realized on how much the pain took over my life. I started focusing on other parts of my life. I even developed a hobby, yes, I started writing, putting my feeling into words made my outlook on life much brighter and I finally like I was not just a being, but I am making a difference.

I was not anxious to take a vacation to a forest trip anymore and be filled with the fear that this time I again should just sit in my room and look at the sun-drenched forest from my room. I was not going to battle the pain alone this time.

More work More sleep less pain and anxiety

Since I had more mind span to focus on other aspects in my life, I started focusing it on my work. I was able to put my whole concentration and I had more energy to work on the assigned tasks only thing is I was sleepy sometimes, so I avoided taking CBD before work and taking in after work or near bedtime helped me to take the rest I needed, and life became much simpler and more beautiful.

My final note to you

cbd oil is totally awesomeI don’t want to exaggerate and say that CBD has brought a drastic change to my life, but it has made a significant change. But according to the different trusted sources that’s how it should be. Not a roller coaster but a slow slide.

The effect of CBD was not constant after a point CBD didn’t have much effect so next time when I ordered CBD, I ordered for a higher potency range which helped so that’s how it become a cycle. All I can say that I will recommend this form of treatment for my friends and family which I believe says a lot for this product.

A medication which elevates your pain in a natural with less side effects,

Why not!

And taking a safe route with the help all the information and this is my first hemp CBD oil review, soon will write my entire experience too. I read made a huge difference because there are still edges and curves in this CBD journey that we should be carefully off, but no one ever said the road to success was filled with roses even roses have thorns.