Is it legal to buy CBD oil online?

buying cbd oil online legally

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The answer to might depend on where you are asking from, which location because the legality status of CBD differs depending on the country and state laws.

The CBD legality status was a huge question mark but with the new farm Bill 2018 there is a clarity to this issue, before that also CBD oil which contains less than 0.3% THC is legal in all 50 states of United states.

Places where CBD is illegal people turn to online to buy CBD because they are not able get a hand on the product in their nearby retail stores.

Even for CBD sold online there are certain laws and regulation put out to all the manufactures and vendors by the government, especially FDA has put a ban on vendors who sell CBD products using false claims as marketing strategy and even products brought through online, during the shipping process it is checked whether it follows all the laws before delivering it to the customers.

No to answer your question,

Is it legal to buy CBD oil online or not?

Then the answer is,


If the CBD oil delivered to you is derived from hemp and the THC level in the product is below 0.3%, the selling of CBD with high amount THC is illegal whether it brought through retail or online.

All the CBD companies that comply with Farm Bill 2018 can sell and ship their product using the online medium, they are only in trouble when the break the rules.

If the follow all the rules FDA has no right to condemn them, but FDA still has some authority to regulate those transactions.

Which companies do have the legality to sell CBD online?

Companies that have legality to sell CBD oilThe companies which follow all the rules such as selling only Industrial hemp which has below 0.3% of THC.

Selling Marijuana derived CBD product with high level of THC is banned because those products come under Substance act.

Hemp is legal because according to Section 7606 the act separates Hemp from Marijuana and according the recent Farm Bill 2018, hemp is removed from under controlled substance.

There is still some confusion going around because we can never tell with the government with amount of laws, they keep changing they are so unpredictable sometimes.

If buying online there are certain things you should check by asking certain questions to be sure with the company’s legality status, such as:

1.How and where the hemp is grown?

Making sure whether the hemp is grown in places where they are legally allowed to cultivate is very important, so as a consumer it is your right to question the manufacture on that.

And during the manufacturing do they follow all the necessary legal guidelines is another important factor.

2.Are their product test results published?

Does your vendor publish their product taste result online, if they do then they are very forthcoming to share all the inside details which is a very good sign for building trust and customer loyalty.

Sharing their test results gives you an idea about the THC and other components level and to make sure that the product does not have any illegal components.

3.Do they follow all the safety and legal regulations?

Visiting their website might give you an idea whether the company follows all the safety and legal regulations set by the government and if they haven’t shared much information on that you can always ask and if you get the insight that they don’t it is better to stay from a vendor as such because they conducting illegal activities, buying their product makes you part of the act.

4.How does the extraction happen?

Extraction is another important factor that the customer should be aware, is the extraction goes in with the countries and status legality status.

The extraction plays a major deciding factor whether the CBD oil is safe to use or not.

Since the extraction of CBD is a very complicated process, the factors surrounding the whole process is also complicated.

Asking the above questions helps you to make the distinction between an illegal CBD product and a legal CBD product, making this distinction will enable you to make the right call, also understanding the up to date information about all factors of CBD such as safety, legal and environmental will stop from being scammed and or a prey to false claims.

How to buy CBD oil online legally?

Way to buy CBD oil online legallyThere are many online CBD oil brands are available now due the massive growth in the products popularity, so choosing the right CBD brand goes a long way for you develop a product loyalty, this may not be very easy but asking the above questions getting answers for them will help you to make up your mind.

There are many trustworthy vendors out the like our Vers Naturals who have a good customer base which is very promising and with any vendor you choose make sure the product is cultivated and extracted in USA, look for the “Made in USA” mark and check the FDA approval level.

Final verdict

I hope I have given you a clear information on the legality status of buying CBD online, if you make sure that you only buy from vendors who have a good reputation and avoid vendors who seem shady, then you will not be facing any issues and do not go with a company who make exaggerated claims because FDA condemns those companies by law and also why should we go with a vendor who makes false claim.

Even with all the research you do on CBD you are still not qualified enough to self-medicate always consult a doctor and back it up with research before you take any life changing decision.

So, to end it with a clear answer that the answer for your question “Is it legal to buy CBD oil online?” is “Yes”, but CBD oil extracted from 100% hemp is a go.