How CBD oil for restless legs syndrome works?

CBD for restless legs

Having restless leg syndrome can be very tiring and disturbing for the person next to you.

10% of the population in the United states are victims of this chronic nervous problem that is almost 30 million people who are trying to get on with everyday life with restless leg syndrome accompanying them everywhere.

The question of what the cause of restless leg syndrome hasn’t been provided with a proper answer even with all the scientific research and studies conducted, doctors are still struggling for what the root cause of the issue is, but the answer seems to evade them.

But one many methods of treatment have been found and brought in to treat RLS but most of the side effects of those treatments are severe.

So, when searching for a herbal cure which has lesser or no side effects that’s when they fell upon CBD oil, due to it being a best method of treatment for many chronic and nervous it seemed to work pretty well as a treatment for RLS, which has brought in the light in the life of people suffering from RLS and if you really believe that CBD oil is the answer for RLS problem then please read on to be enlightened more about this topic.

This is how CBD for restless legs become the #1 oils for restless leg syndrome til today.  Here, In this article I have given the complete details about it.

Restless Leg syndrome, what is it?

Restless Leg syndromes scientific name is Willis-Ekbom disease, this disease causes ill effects on the nervous system of a person’s body, this effect uncontrollable uneasiness in the persons leg such as itchiness, pulling sensation which makes the person to keep on moving their leg in an uncontrollable urge to stop that sensation, this is generally considered as a sleep disorder because this disease doesn’t evade the person even when they are sleeping.

This cause many people to develop insomnia, this lack of sleep effects their whole system now we know how much RLS takes over a person’s life.

What is the root cause of RLS?

root cause of RLSAs I said before, the exact root cause of Restless leg syndrome, hasn’t been found yet, because this disease is said to be transmitted through genes, so generally passed down through family members, this was found after seeing multiple members in the family having the same syndrome.

These kind transmissions are called as primary Restless leg syndrome cases.

Some studies have shown this RLS can be linked to the chemicals in a body which is released in the nervous such as dopamine and glutamate.

Sometimes doctors have seen RLS being in people who have left their health problems such as anemia, heart palpitation and kidney failure untreated these types of situations are called as secondary RLS cases.

Doctors are still working to find the exact causes, the above are just vague findings.

It is said that sometimes the side effects of certain medication can be Restless leg syndrome.

Since RLS is a disease that affects both men and women, this disease impacts pregnant women also, mostly in their third trimester. Other causes point out to alcohol for being a major trigger.

What are the symptoms of Restless leg syndrome?

The symptoms of Restless Leg syndrome are to the extreme that many cant deal with it, these symptoms are:

  • Itchy crawly sensation in the leg, severely experienced when either sitting or lying.
  • Fizzy sensation experienced in the blood vessels.
  • Feels like insect crawling all over your legs.
  • An urge to keep moving the feet and it does not stop.

These range from mild to severe, as I said there are cases where it is extremely intolerable, some people suffering from this disease might also have PLMS known as Periodic Limb movement in sleep, this is the twitching jerking of legs in sleep which makes a person awaken suddenly from a deep sleep. This stops people from getting a good night rest.

How difficult is living with RLS?

As seeing symptoms, living with this disease is not an easy task, a goodnight rest might be a long-lost memory for some of them.

As I said without proper rest or sleep, this might damage the whole systems of the person to the level them not be able to do even small tasks.

Their legs can get very tired, when even sitting becomes tiresome what does a person do.

History has said sleep deprivation is a kind of torture which is given to people to punish them for a crime, people suffering from RLS experience this torture even without partaking in any crime. No one deserves to live this kind of life.

CBD oil, what is it?

CBD oil is a Cannabis plant extract, these plants are mainly two types, hemp and marijuana.

CBD oil has many medical properties which has made it trend in field of medicine. It has seen to have properties that treat inflammation, spasms and nervous system issues also insomnia or any other sleep disorders.

CBD won’t cause any side effect such as a high since they are said to be non-psychoactive especially the hemp-based ones.

Does CBD work for restless leg syndrome?

Based on the study results CBD for restless leg syndrome having a great positive impact on a person nervous receptor they will provide a short-term relief for people suffering from this disease.

This oil aids you to get a good night’s rest, it as calming sensation on your mind and reduces the twitchy and crawly sensation in your leg which are major symptoms of RLS.

If the root cause of the issue is the chemicals in your body such as dopamine and glutamate, then using CBD oil impacts those components as well, it also can provide relief from other nervous system diseases such as PLMS and Parkinson’s which might be a bonus with RLS.

Final thoughts on CBD oil for RLS:

CBD oil for RLS has been having a phenomenal success rate in suppressing symptoms of many chronic diseases and It hasn’t fallen behind when it comes to treating Restless leg syndrome.

Living with RLS shouldn’t be a choice it is something everyone should try to relieve themselves and if CBD oil helps you to get the relief then don’t let other factors stop you.

CBD oil restless leg syndrome solution is available in so many platforms, so you can gain access any way convenient for you with less restriction in legal laws, procuring it won’t be hard.

There is always online a customer friendly way to get your CBD oil, the way you want and the potency range you want it to be. They say dreams move you forward but for that first you should sleep, so here to dreaming and achieving them.