Dr. Todd Garrett’s Franklin Family Pharmacy started selling CBD oil as an alternative for pain medication

Dr.Todd's Pharmacy started selling CBD oil

CBD oil has started becoming a replacement for pain killer medication in many independently owned pharmacies especially in Dr. Todd Garrett’s Franklin Family pharmacy. CBD being known as great pain killer due to its Anti-Inflammatory property this might be a great break through.

This is said to have cause much more effective changes with lesser side effects than the usual pain killer medication. He first started prescribing it to his patients who came to him for mild pain and Insomnia and as his patients came back with their success stories Dr. Todd’s faith in CBD oil grew. Innovation and new implementation are what has got mankind so far and this is another implementation which may evolve to become a way of what things can change for better.

Why Dr. Todd Garrett started selling CBD oil?

reasons behind dr.todds CBD businessWhat made his mind to make this change?

This may be due to the depletion of trust Dr. Todd had on pain medication. We have all heard stories where many have come addicts to a pain medication because they started taking it every day for their pain and insomnia and one day it becomes a crutch one can’t live without.

Dr. Todd Garrett didn’t want that for his patients this might create a revolutionary change in the pharmaceutical industry even though CBD’s introduction into the pharmaceutical sector is not something new. This may make many people question that,

“Isn’t CBD addictive too and doesn’t it get you high”

These kinds of stigma’s are what Dr. Todd had to battle too to get it through his patients. That CBD shouldn’t be confused with THC which taken more 0.03 % can get a person high otherwise there is no harm in taking CBD as a cure for your mind it be physical or mental. And it is said that people in the medical industry are always looking towards finding a replacement for opioids, so this might be a break through. And what is not to say that many more pharmaceutical companies will not be following D. Todd Garrett’s footsteps to use CBD as their main prescribing pain medication.

Which is the main incident induced Dr. Todd Garrett to sell CBD oil?

We all sometimes need our belief to be replenished now and then for us to continue down the path we were talking in. There was one incident which did that to Dr, Todd Garrett, there was this gentleman who is a patient of Todd who was suffering from several knee pain for several years trying different medication didn’t help him then he came to know about CBD and he took it one night in place of his other medication for his knee pain and guess what next day he didn’t feel any pain in his knee anymore.

This is what made the conviction Dr. Todd had with CBD stronger. But it can be said that everyone will be experiencing the same results because we are all not built the same, but it is still something to build your hopes on strong facts and past experiences. And sometimes CBD is portrayed as a miracle drug which is not the exact scenario, it does have its effects, but one try doesn’t achieve it everyone just like it did for the gentleman with the knee pain. But with falling stigma and a clarity in peoples mind with amount of exposure CBD is getting there can be some mind-blowing medical changes which can make history if you think this is just exaggeration just see our history of many break through the world of medicine has seen which many didn’t put much faith at first.

What the are the CBD brands we can get from Dr. Todd Garrett pharmacy?

available brands in franklin pharmacyCBD oil becoming a popular product, there are so many launching their version of CBD into the market, but Dr. Todd has developed a deep abiding faith on the products sold by Charlotte hemp and now we can buy Vers Naturals CBD Oil from the amount of information he collected through a in depth research on all the CBD brands existing in the market and he found something special in these two brands which he believed that other brands couldn’t provide for him.

He believes that they provide quality products and exact measurements of components they promised. And he believes Marijuana obtained CBD contains more THC, so he stays clear of them, he associates more with hemp derived CBD oil products one which Charlotte Hemp and Vers Naturals sell. It cost him $40 to $150, its not much considering the amount of good it is doing for his patients. It is good that Dr. Todd Garrett has chosen brands which share his same ideology, that is not to say that there are not other brands which have good products but something of these two brands must have clicked with Dr. Todd.


Dr. Todd Garrett and other independent pharmacist have taken a step towards the direction what someday bring the medical industry a whole wealth of good. But that is not to say that pain killer medications will vanish from existence, because there are still who’s body won’t accept CBD and pain killer medication is providing them with the best results.

Dr. Todd ha been making suggestion to people to at least try using CBD oil with a doctor’s consultation because taking it based on a suggestion you read about may not always end in the best even though he doesn’t expect to see a big change right away he feels good that many more people than before have started preferring this form of treatment. Many patients who come to him for pain, sleep or anxiety and depression issues have developed in this method and that is a big change if you consider the amount of stigma and laws that still exist around CBD oil. This stigma may never vanish fully what with off again and on-again laws. Maybe listening to Dr. Todd can do some good, it is always better to try it out and arrive at our conclusion because even if a doctor suggests it is up to us decide whether we want to follow down that path.