Complete Detail about Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio’s favorite Cannabis Oil Pizza

Complete Detail about Dr. Frank D'Ambrosio's favorite Cannabis Oil Pizza

Did pizza get healthy with Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio’s Cannabis oil pizza recipe?

Yes it did!

Who would have thought that pizza could be yummy and healthy at the same time?

As a pizza lover myself aren’t we all happy for this new addition that makes such a huge difference.

Here is the video of Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio making the cannabis pizza,

And this new suggestion is not given to us by an amateur, it is given us by a person who is a certified doctor or an orthopedic surgeon specifically.

Cannabis oil is another topping in his pizza just like marinara sauce and cheese but like these ingredients Cannabis oil cannot be used so generously used due to the potency limitations.

Integrating CBD slowly into your new diet slowly will bring you a whole wealth of good and with Dr. Frank’s recipe we can understand how to add it in most people’s favorite food, pizza.

It cannot be very easy for people to adopt this in their diet, what with all the stigma’s surrounding but Dr. Frank has made it clear that CBD doesn’t get you high, it’s the THC’s job.

The Psychoactive components in THC could get a person high. So, since we got this out of the way adding CBD to our daily diet is said not be not a very complicated process, just treat it like oil like any other oil, only thing is its much more healthier than your usual oil and also we can add this oil to most of our dishes and drinks such as fruit drinks and smoothies.

What are the recipes Dr. Frank used for making the Cannabis Oil Pizza?

Cannabis Oil Pizza recipeSo, to put down Dr. Frank pizza recipe in word this how it goes, he first explains how the most complicated process in making a pizza is the dough, so he says we can buy pre-made dough if its going to make our work easier and then he adds a generous amount of marinara sauce then comes the cheese, a lots of cheese, he puts in the pepperoni slices and an extra topping of drops of  CBD oil is added on the top.

He bakes in the oven at 450-degree Fahrenheit and 316 degree Celsius. After the pizza, another few drops of CBD oil is added on the freshly made pizza before consumption. And then he cuts it up and the CBD oil pizza is ready to be served.

Seeing this, I believe I am going to go with Dr. Frank’s claim that adding CBD oil to your diet is easy, its not complicated at all.

What are the health benefits of adding CBD in daily routine life?

The health benefits of adding CBD to your dietCBD’s popularity of being a great health benefited is increasing day by day, the legal issues surrounding them are also resolving slowly due to it having so many medicinal properties so by baring it from use can be a criminal offense.

CBD has a lot of health benefits and health properties such as Anti-inflammation component that helps to fight inflammation in the body which is the major cause many disease and pain.

CBD is also said to have the properties to prevent cancer and fight with cancer symptoms.

Adding CBD diet does not only reduce physical pain but mental pain such as anxiety, depression and insomnia as well which can be said that there aren’t many medications that can address both physical and mental state of being.

From a medicinal point of view adding CBD is not harmful at all but sometimes people get CBD easily confused with CBD.

By incorporating it with food taking CBD has become easier because many wont like the taste of CBD, it is having the earthy taste, there are many vendors who sell flavored CBD, but pure CBD is said to provide much more health benefits.

So, by taking it with food the taste is disguised by other strong flavors added to the food. And who said medicine cannot be consumed in a fun way and what’s more fun than eating delicious food like pizza.

And you don’t even have to do the amount of work Dr. Frank did to make the pizza, CBD can be added with ready made store brought pizza, just drizzle some CBD oil on the top before popping it into the oven, job done.

With Anti-inflammatory properties in CBD it reduces fat inflammation that leads to obesity no wonder Dr. Frank wasn’t worried to add a huge amount of cheese onto the pizza, he was confident that CBD will counter act the bad effects of the cheese on the body.

Now CBD’s future is not bright only in the world of medicine but culinary as well and what is a better combination than food and medicine going hand in hand, now the saying you are what you eat makes more sense.


Dr. Franks pizza recipe is just one way to incorporate CBD in your food, you can put your creativity into use to create your own ways, with CBD oil you can’t go wrong very much because treating it as just an oil is the advice Dr. Frank gives us. The list of food you can add CBD to is endless.

This promises CBD oil to become a major ingredient in food. This has a chance of lowering the disease and obesity rate of the country.

The only issue is for CBD oil to get to that level it has still many legal obstacles and stereotypes it must cross to achieve major success with people, but nothing can be said for, the level of implementation seen using CBD it might be much easier to bring that level of change.

Coming from many trusted sources such as Dr. Frank the change can be seen sooner than later.

I hope reading this helped you to get a clear idea of what Dr. Frank wanted to convey to us, the additional information added here are based on research to support the information given to us by Dr, Frank, none of them are based on individual perspective.

So, have a Bon Appetit CBD experience!