CBD oil for dogs

cbd oil for dogsThe use of CBD oil has not only helped humans but also dogs. Many dog owners are talking about how CBD oil has helped their dogs with their medical conditions. There are stories about dogs with arthritis going for long walks after taking CBD oil. The benefits that both humans and dogs receive from taking CBD oil has forced researchers to study into the matter. These studies have so far shown that the herb shows promises for both humans and dogs.

Dogs also face some of the problems humans suffer from. That is both physical and psychological. Physical conditions include arthritis, inflammation, problems with joints, and seizures. Psychological conditions include phobias and anxieties.

Even though many dog owners have seen their dogs getting better thanks to CBD oil, it has not been approved for dogs by the agency. In fact, even though studies have shown that it can help dogs, there is no study that has confirmed this without reasonable doubts. The suggestion given here are based on these research and in case you are thinking of CBD oil for dogs, please consult a vet before doing so.

How you can use CBD oil for dogs?

There are list of uses for CBD oil those are given below,

CBD does not have Psychoactive properties

CBD is a compound that can be extracted from hemp and cannabis. THC, on the other hand, can be extracted from cannabis plant alone. THC is a psychoactive drug while CBD is not. In short, we mean to say that giving your pet CBD is not going to make him/her high.

CBD oil can reduce the level of anxiety in pets

Many pets suffer from noise phobia and separation anxiety. It has been found that CBD oil can reduce the level of stress and anxiety both in humans and pets. In the case of humans, it has helped them deal with post-traumatic-stress-disorder, panic disorders, anxiety caused by speaking in public, and anxiety that is common for both people with anxiety disorders and healthy people.

Epilepsy and seizures in pets can be treated by CBD oil

Dogs also suffer from epilepsy and seizures. It has been reported that the around 5% of all dogs suffer from this condition. These dogs are given pharmaceutical drugs which might control the seizures, but not in all cases. The drugs do have a negative impact on the dog’s liver and other internal organs. In fact, there are cases where the dog is resistant to the drug. That is not the case with CBD oil. It works even in dogs that couldn’t be treated by pharmaceutical drugs.

CBD oil can help animals suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Researchers have studied the effect of CBD oil on animals that suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and these studies have shown the ability of CBD oil in both preventing colitis as well as restoring normal mobility in the gut of animals that suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

CBD oil has shown promise in treating cancer

Researchers have found that the CBD coming from both cannabis and hemp plants possesses cancer-fighting abilities. The studies have suggested that CBD oil can not only prevent the spread of cancer but also kill the existing cancer cells. CBD oil has the ability to improve the efficiency of the immune system against cancer cells, not only slow down the growth of glioma cells but also inhibit its growth, and prevent the survival of cancer cells by preventing the cells from producing energy. Also, CBD oil can also help boost the conventional methods used for treating cancer.

Possible side effects of CBD oil on dogs

Since there has not been much research done on the side effects felt by dogs, it is not possible to identify them. However, we can make a list of possible negative side effects based on humans. These include drowsiness, dry mouth, and lowered blood pressure.

How to give CBD oil to your dog?

The problem with giving CBD oil to your dog is that it has not received any approval from the FDA. That means there is no chart available to determine how much CBD oil must be given to your dog. Manufacturers will provide some information about how much CBD oil. However, when it comes to giving you dog CBD oil, the thumb rule is to start with small doses and observe the effects. You can increase the dosage if necessary as long as there are no side effects. But the best thing you should do before you start is to consult your vet.

How to buy CBD oil for your dog?

In case your vet has decided that it is okay for you to give CBD oil to your dog, there are a few precautions you must take when buying CBD oil

First, you much check if the CBD oil that is organic. By organic, we mean the CBD oil should not be contaminated with fungicides, pesticides, and other such chemicals.

Second, you must not be too stingy about the price. In the case of CBD oil higher purity and quality means higher price. When you buy a CBD oil product because the price is cheap, there is a chance that you might buy a product that is contaminated with heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides.

Third, ask the manufacturer to show a quality certificate that has been provided by a third-party lab. This will prove that the product is of high quality. Also, reputable companies will not hesitate to show this certificate to you. Many reputable companies have posted the certificate on their websites without asking.

Fourth, give preference to full spectrum CBD oil. Many companies have edibles that are suitable for dogs but with CBD oil, you have greater control over the dosage you give to your dog.

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