.We used to get a lot of question from our customers when they try to order CBD oil from our store. Which includes the need to understand how CBD Oil works? worried about any side effects of using the product, any suggestion? But the most frequent question is, how to choose the best CBD oil dosage. Or how can I know that which CBD dosage is best for me?

So, are you using CBD Oil for the very first time, confused about selecting your right dosage for CBD. Then here you can get a little help. This article is all about educating the CBD oil users in getting the knowledge of picking up their own CBD dosages.

Get Started with Choosing your Dose

Get Started with Choosing your DoseIt is good to start with low amount during your initial times. As said, whether you are a first time user or an experienced user, you will be confused about taking the best CBD oil dosage. But don’t worry there are several studies, clinical trials have been conducted by research centers.

FDA is not explicit on claiming the accurate dosage or medical benefits. But till then, we believe that your questions will be answered in a very informative and the easiest way by our research.

Choosing your best CBD dosage will take some analysis and patience as it involves with health. So maintain your CBD dosage chart with any medical experts help before you try.

There might be tons of articles about CBD Oil and its benefits. But you cannot choose the right dosage just by reading any articles on the internet. As it is very important to decide how much CBD oil you should take.

FDA is calm about CBD dosage recommendation

The sad thing is that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not set any dosage limit or serving size.  Because they are still observing and researching the efficacy of the products. This may be confusing for many readers and many manufacturers take it as an advantage and set their own dosage limit for CBD Oil.

Few unjustified companies tag themselves as “Experts” and claim that their dosage size and recommendations are true. This really doesn’t satisfy the customers. You can buy CBD oil online without any fear. Also, you can see there are a million testimonials around the web by the people and they claimed that they all are getting treated with CBD oil without any side effects.

The most common recommended dosage is, “Taking a drop of CBD Oil every day”. Although this seems to be a universal dosage, this is not the right dosage for each and every individual as the dosage depends on each other.

How to choose your CBD Dosage?

The important factors of the dosage which varies for each and every individual are the concentration of CBD, the weight of the individual, the individual’s body health condition and the severity of the body condition being treated. There is no such thing like, “One size fits all” dosage at all. So now you will have a question for sure as for how you should take CBD then? Well, we figure out 3 simple steps to find out the right dosage that is recommended for your body.

  1. Calculate your Dosage considering your body weight

Check BMIIf an individual’s body weight is more, then it is for sure that the person has to take more CBD than a normal person to experience its effects. The ideal dose is to take 1-6MG of CBD Oil for every 10 pounds of the body weight based on the body pain which that individual suffers from.

For instance, 20MG-33MG would be a good dose for a 200 lb, while 15MG-25MG would be suitable for the one who weighs 150 lb. For further reference, you can also refer to Simple CBD Oil Dosage Calculator. Where you can get to know how to calculate your CBD oil dosage with CBD Dosage Calculator Method.

  1. Start with a lower dosage and then increase gradually

Start with a lower dosage and then increase graduallyIf you have a friend who weighs the same as yours, and then he recommends to practice the same dosage. You may have to think about it. Because his body condition might be different, and yours may be different. Both may not experience the same sort of pain, and that may vary.

You are not the doctor for yourself. You may not know what will be the reactions if you use the same dosage as what your friend uses. With that being said, it is always wise to start with a very small amount of CBD Oil dosage and then increase gradually.

Remember one thing, the CBD Oil will start to react based on your body’s weight. If you do not find any improvement, then try to increase the dosage limit little bit more than what you normally use. At the time when you find a reaction in your body, stop increasing the dosage limit and you have to understand that the last dosage which you took is the right one and you can continue that.

  1. Consult your Physician

Doctor consultationWhen you feel you go on a wrong path, or if when you have any doubts, it is always recommended to check with your regular physician as he knows your perfect body condition.

You must consult your Physician especially when you have any existing medical condition. Many doctors do not have experience with CBD Oil, but most doctors will have an idea of how the CBD Oil works and how it will react to your body. A professional physician can provide you the correct CBD Dosage for your consumption.

You are now an expert of CBD Dosage when you follow the above three ways.

But how to measure the dosage with CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. You have to fill the dropper and drop it under your tongue for 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing it.

Basically,   a dropper holds 1ML of CBD Oil. 500mg of CBD Tincture would contain 500 drops of CBD Oil, and one full dropper contains 25-30 drops. The recommended dosage is 2-4 drops.

It also depends on for what medical condition that you are going to use CBD. Because of CBD oil dosage for pain differs with CBD dosage for seizure and anxiety. You should also be careful in deciding how much cbd oil you need to give your dogs or cats or any other pets. Clarify all your doubts by asking questions to either physician or the company experts.

Just ask the seller or the shop from where you buy from . You may be assisted with experts who can help with measuring dosage strength.

So Finally, What is the best way to Dose CBD?

Proper method to take CBD

The Best way is to start with a low dosage and take by keeping it under the tongue.

Taking CBD oils via the sublingual method are the absolute and accurate ways to dose CBD, as they are in oil form. Because each and every drop is equally filled with an exact amount of CBD. They will give you a good result and can be helpful for those who are afraid of CBD Dosing.

Other than the above mentioned CBD dosing methods, there are also CBD edibles, CBD Gummies and CBD beverages too which can be taken in different ways. So deciding the method to take is totally up to you and it differs with the type of product that you are choosing to take. But the most convenient way of taking CBD oil is nothing but the sublingual method.


Finally, you have to choose how much CBD oil you want to take. You should not make decisions blindly. Take care and get experts advice in deciding such things.

And we believe that the above information will be helpful for you. And we are sure that you are going to become an expert soon on choosing the best CBD Oil dosage. By which you will get all CBD oil benefits with the help of this guide.

And never forget to teach the same as us. Let’s start creating the killer drugs-free world with this naturals god gift!