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How Michael J. Fox get into the cannabis oil business?

Michael J. Fox and CBD Oil

Back to the future star Michael J Fox has not only been known for his wonderful character Marty Mcfly but also for his semi-retirement from the film industry because of his neurological  disorder Parkinson’s disease. At the age of 29 years, When Michael got relief from the Parkinson’s disease that made him stop doing lead roles […]

Complete Detail about Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio’s favorite Cannabis Oil Pizza

Complete Detail about Dr. Frank D'Ambrosio's favorite Cannabis Oil Pizza

Did pizza get healthy with Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio’s Cannabis oil pizza recipe? Yes it did! Who would have thought that pizza could be yummy and healthy at the same time? As a pizza lover myself aren’t we all happy for this new addition that makes such a huge difference. Here is the video of Dr. Frank […]

Impact of Farm bill 2018 on CBD oil business

Impact of Farm bill 2018 on CBD oil business

This Bill is passed by the congress of United States every five years, this Farm Bill plays an important deciding role when it comes to agricultural food factors and growth or farm energy production, etc. Since CBD is considered to come under this criterion, the productions and factors surrounding CBD will have a deep impact […]

Is CBD oil legal in Alabama?[2019’s Update]

cbd oil legality in Alabama

Even though CBD oil has increased in its popularity, its legality factors are still under a debate in many states, this can be very confusing sometimes. The state of Alabama is also which is in the state of constant dilemma regarding this issue. You might ask what’s there to be confused about “Is CBD oil is […]