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Dr. Todd Garrett’s Franklin Family Pharmacy started selling CBD oil as an alternative for pain medication

Dr.Todd's Pharmacy started selling CBD oil

CBD oil has started becoming a replacement for pain killer medication in many independently owned pharmacies especially in Dr. Todd Garrett’s Franklin Family pharmacy. CBD being known as great pain killer due to its Anti-Inflammatory property this might be a great break through. This is said to have cause much more effective changes with lesser […]

Vers Naturals Partnering with Dr. Bonni Goldstein

Dr.Bonni Goldstein joins with Vers Naturals

Dr. Bonni Goldstein, the director of Canna Centers focuses on the use of medical Cannabis for serious and chronic medical conditions. We at Vers Naturals are proud to partner up with Dr. Bonni Goldstein in educating people on the science of CBD and its potential benefits in improving the overall quality of life. The medical career of our CBD expert Dr Bonni […]

Comparison between Vers Naturals and Top CBD oil Sellers

Why vers naturals is the best when compared with other CBD oil brands

CBD has not caused many revolutionary changes only in the medical world but also in the business world. CBD has become a major attraction for many new business starters or an opportunity for a business to branch out. This has not only increased the competition in the business but also increased the complication in the […]