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About Us

Vers Naturals – High Graded Pure CBD Oil Company

Vers Naturals was founded in 2018 by Adrienne Urban and Sharon Marie with the aim to be a pioneer among the different hemp companies in America. After spending years not only working with other brands present in the market but also doing research on everything related to CBD oil they have enter into the market as a supplier. This decision was driven by both providing customers with a superior product and in the process guarantee the survival of the CBD industry.

Adrienne Urban – Founder of Vers Naturals

Adrienne Urban - Founder of Vers NaturalsAdrienne has more than 18 years in the field of research about food allergies and healthy living. She was only as a house wife, health analyst and blogger until she found the benefits Cannabis oil(CBD Oil).  As a working women and house wife Adrienne is fall in many health issues like food allergies and many other health conditions she is started regular checkup with her own physician after sometime she felt like loosing lot of money and time for the drugs and physician. That day she started her own research about getting relief from the health issues with organic products and home made products. This is the main reason to start her own health blog(

After completing the 17 years journey in the middle of 2017 she heard about cannabis oil  and she realized that this was the one cure for all of her health issues such as insomnia, anxiety and depression. Instead of using various solution this one CBD oil works fine for everything.

That moment she started her own CBD oil company Vers Naturals with her blogging friend Sharon Marie to help more people to free from the killer drugs and make them to use the CBD oil to get relief from the health issues in an organic way. Still many of them are not aware of the benefits of CBD oil instead of that they are afraid to take that. So her main mission is to create awareness about CBD oil.

Adrienne always care about people that is the reason she has chosen,

  • Only full spectrum CBD oil for sale.
  • Use only CO2 extraction method.
  • Getting raw materials from Colorado own licensed organic CBD farms.

To provide only 100% organic products.

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Sharon Marie – CoFounder of Vers Naturals

Sharon Marie - CoFounder of Vers NaturalsSharon Marie is an Internet based Entrepreneur, Who called herself as an network marketer because she is helping many online business to generate more leads. Sharon and Adrienne are blogging friends,  Both are meet through their own blogs. Then both of them started working together in their own CBD oil company Vers Naturals. Sharon helps Adrienne to manage all the things like Content management, Sales management, offline marketing hiring and etc…, in the Vers Naturals.

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Our Mission

Our aim is to provide pure organic CBD oil to peoples. Many peoples are using drugs for pain and some other diseases but actually that one could be the right solution for them to get relief from those symptoms. But the drugs may cause many side effects and heavy impacts on human health.

In order to overcome this, CBD oil is came to the market again and its a natural herbal product. Usually, natural products help peoples to get over from any of the symptoms without causing any adverse reactions. So we decided to sell pure full spectrum CBD oil.

Actually, this product can helps them to cure pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and many other symptoms. But clinically, it has not been proved. So Food and Drugs Administration has not given approval for CBD products.

Many peoples who suffered from pain and other symptoms have taken this product and experienced great results. These details have been gathered while we are on the research. So before buying CBD oil, make sure to get an approval from your physician whether it will be suitable for your health condition.

Our Vision

Still, the CBD products are not legalized in many other countries. FDA and DEA(Drug Enforcement Agency) are not given approval to this product. So we want to create a high awareness among the peoples and want to prove the medical benefits of CBD products to the FDA and DEA.

In this way, peoples can relieve from the usage of drugs. We want to make Drug-free environment. Everyone has to get pure organic Cannabidiol products. Hence we always strive to offer organic CBD oil in the purest form to all of our customers.

Vers Naturals CBD Oil Lab Test

We will test all our CBD oil products with third party laboratory. And our license in up-to date. Check the following attached image which gives the complete detail about our CBD oil lap test results.

Vers Naturals CBD Oil Lab Test Results Page 1
Vers Naturals CBD oil Lab Test Result Page 2