Vers Naturals main aim is to provide the purest form of CBD oil products to all of our customers. Mainly we are selling Full Spectrum CBD oil product which has been sourced organically from Cannabis Sativa plant. We deliver CBD oil product to nearly 50 states across the world.

Nowadays, you can see a lot of CBD oil vendors over the internet. But Vers Naturals is the best among those sellers. Below are the reasons, why we stand out from the other CBD oil vendors in the medical industry.

  1. High Purity Spectrum CBD Oil Product

Vers Naturals Offer high purity Spectrum CBD oil products. We strive to offer only good quality products without adding any addictive substances. As we know, that you are buying CBD Oil for medical symptoms that’s why we provide completely pure organic products. We conscious more on customers health. All Vers Naturals CBD oil products are extracted from the naturally grown hemp plant. No additives are added to our products to increase high effectiveness than normal. So you can buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Vers Naturals with high confidence without having any doubts about the products quality.

  1. Cultivate in USA & Extraction Method

Vers Naturals sourcing the raw materials from a licensed organic farm in Colorado. In that farmland, they are cultivating hemp plants organically. CO2 extraction method has been following in order to derive Spectrum CBD oil products and some other minerals which helps to provide the great healing effects. All of our Cannabidiol products contains below 0.3% of THC which makes the person not to feel high. And moreover, we are trying to lessen the THC level in order to avoid risks caused to consumers.

  1. Lab Tested Products

Once we sourced our product we send it to a clinical lab(SD Pharm Labs) test in order to know the quality of the product. After that, we test it in a third-party lab for getting second approval from their lab physicians. All Vers Naturals CBD oil products are passed in all tests. This shows our product quality. We always hold pure organic CBD oil yet you can buy it with a confidence.

  1. 128-Bit Encryption

SSL(Secure Socket Layers) certificate has been installed on Vers Naturals. Hence it is highly secured with 128-bit encryption. We did this, only for the customer’s safety. We know many peoples scare when they do the money transaction over the internet as they feel whether their card details have been shared with anyone. In order to avoid this, Vers Naturals have built our website with the SSL. As this will enable you to make a secure payment. All your entered details will be encrypted and not been stored anywhere.

  1. Varied Options of Payment

In order to make your payment easier, Vers Naturals are offering E-Check and Master Card Payment option. Nowadays most of the peoples have these two things on hand. You will provide only a few details in case of choosing any of these two payment options while ordering CBD oil from us.

  1. World Wide Shipping

Fast shipping has provided to all 50 states which reside in the United States. And moreover, Vers Natutrals is shipping to 30 more countries where CBD oil product is considered to be legal for sale. This could not be seen in most of the online places as they will deliver only to the limited places.

  1. Live Tracking

Live Tracking Portal facility is available in our online CBD oil store Vers Naturals. Yet you can track your order packages from your place itself without going anywhere. The thing you have to do is that you need to enter the Tracking Code in the live tracking portal page. Thereafter, you can see your order package where it has been located. The Tracking Code will provide after your parcel has been shipped from our warehouse.