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Buy CBD oil online from Vers Naturals – the high graded premium CBD oil company. Here you can buy your CBD oil in the most convenient way. That too, you would get the best full spectrum CBD oil for sale without any compromise in the quality. Get CBD oil with our fast shipping option, as we are providing the best delivery services in the world. All our products have a THC level less than 0.3% which is legal to use in USA. We are providing pure CBD oil, which is 100% Natural, without any additives and preservatives concerned with our customer’s health. To get the best deals you can Order CBD oil by availing current offer with us.

Why are we here?

Vers Naturals was started by CBD fanatics to help the people and other researchers to know the benefits of CBD oil. By the year 2018, we started to sell Full spectrum CBD oil in six different dosage strength based on our research, to help people in order to get the high graded CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a herbal oil extracted from the cannabis sativa plant for medical use. Though there are several varieties of CBD wellness products obtained from the same plant, CBD oil is the most preferred one for its easy usability and its great health benefits. Cannabinoids are the major compound in this plant that is responsible for anti-inflammatory traits and it also regulates the health.

It is safe to take cannabis products which have less THC level below 0.3% to avoid psychoactive reactions. People started to use cannabis oil since 1940 for medical use yet it’s actual use is still controversial. Many claims to use this oil for a different health condition.

People might confuse with medical cannabis with medical marijuana as both extracts from the same hemp plant. The major difference is THC level and psychoactive ness which is higher in medical marijuana when compared to medical cannabis. So,Medical CBD oil is safe to use and it is legal in all the 50 states of the US.

( Still a thorough research is required to know the difference between these two.)

Uses of CBD oil

As said, the exact uses of CBD oil are still debatable. But recently FDA approved the purified form of CBD oil in the name of Epidiolex for the epilepsy treatment.Other than that, only people and researches trying out CBD oil on their own way to cure their different health conditions.

Out of which most people claimed to use CBD oil for pain, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, seizures, and even now there are studies going on to seek the possibility of curing cancer by using CBD oil. None of which was verified by FDA as they are still under the research to find out the use of CBD oil in human begins. Kindly do your own research and take medical advice before taking CBD oil for your health disorders.

Working mechanism

Medically, all the medications react with brain chemicals. Well, the compound CBD ( Cannabinoids) in the CBD oil also react with the major two receptors of the brain called CB1 and CB2 receptors. It also communicates with cannabinoid receptor from the nervous system in binding with endocannabinoids which are naturally present neurotransmitters.

As per the research conducted by Project CBD, CBD interacts with brain neurotransmitters in different ways such as Serotonin receptors, Vanilloid receptors,GPR55 orphan receptors, PPAR nuclear receptors, reuptake inhibitor, Allosteric modulator. It actually provokes the already existing cannabinoid in the body to manage pain, inflammation and brain signals.

Source of our CBD oil

We are no.1 in providing Full spectrum CBD oil for sale as we offer only high graded products. To accomplish this, we outsource our raw material to produce CBD oil in a more natural way. It is from the licensed cultivation land in Colorado by well-practiced farmers.

The method we practice is a whole plant extraction including the flowers of cannabis sativa plant without adding any other chemical components to get the purified Full spectrum CBD oil at your doorstep.

After sourcing the raw materials, the product will be manufactured as per the regulation and we get the final product after the test conducted by a third party laboratory.

Side effects

Like the medical uses, the side effects of CBD oil is also unknown. When compared to drugs or synthetic medications the side effects of CBD oil is lesser with respect to the users who have already used it.

CBD oil is safe when it is taken properly by mouth under the dosage of 300 mg/day. Still there is no proven side effects of CBD oil listed.

  • Fatigue

  • Low Blood pressure,

  • Vomiting,

  • Dry mouth

  • Loss of appetite

The above-given side effects are not proved to be the negative effects. Those are collected based on the other user reviews and researches. It gets differ with people.

CBD Oil User’s Review

CBD Oil can be used to relieve pain, reduce depression, anxiety and acne. It is available in many forms but most of the people preferred to use Full spectrum CBD Oil. Since these CBD Oil products give natural remedies for many ailments in our body, it is mostly preferred by the people all over the globe. Most of the people in the US buy the CBD Oil with high quality from the online stores. We have few reviews here for you given by the people who have taken CBD Oil and got relief.

“I’ve been struggling with anxiety for many years. I was looking for a solution for this and sometimes this anxiety makes me feel bad and paralyzes my health. I was not able to concentrate on my daily work. As this went on high, I came to know about the CBD Oil and its health benefits. So I began to research about CBD Oil and its benefits through online. After reading some testimonials I decided to use the Full spectrum of the CBD Oil for myself. And now I can stand on my own and I got full relief from anxiety”.

My husband suffered from epilepsy which will make him fall down often. He was initially taking some general painkillers which were not giving him a permanent relief. Spending more than $100 for a month didn’t help me and my husband because of our family situation. One of my friends wanted to help me with this and she introduced the CBD Oil to me. She suggested me to online cbd oil, then I found that CBD Oil was very affordable for me and then I started to use this Oil for my husband. After taking the CBD Oil, he is now completely fine”.

Where to buy CBD Oil?

Buying CBD Oil online from Vers Naturals will give you the best quality CBD oil at the affordable cost. It is a very genuine and a reliable leading High Graded Pure CBD Oil company with more quality. We use 100% pure and organic substances. You can shop our CBD Oil from wherever you are on the planet, as we provide worldwide shipping wherever CBD Oil is legal and authorized to be sold. Vers Naturals provides you with a list of the mode of payment and shipping options for you to choose the one that is suitable for you.

Our Assurance

Vers Naturals is the best choice if you want to buy CBD Oil online, which is a High Graded Pure CBD Oil. We are concerned about our consumers who use our products. We assure you that we will provide the best service and care. Our products are totally natural and absolutely pure. Since we have been serving our customers in the past for several years, we know how to satisfy our customer’s needs. Customer satisfaction and providing the best quality products are the main goals of our Team. We will make sure that you feel so comfortable when you buy CBD Oil online from our Vers Naturals. If you are in need of organic, 100% pure and high graded CBD Oil our High graded pure CBD oil company is the best option to choose.

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Unique Features of Vers Naturals

Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil

We provide only Full spectrum CBD oil as we aim to sell only quality products with no additives.

100% Organic

All our products are 100% pure and organic as we don’t add any preservatives and emulsifiers.

USA Grown

We outsource our raw materials from the licensed farms of Colorado.

128-Bit Encryption

Our website is secured with 128-bit Encrypted SSL certificate to make the secured payment process.

Master card and Echeck

To make your payment process secured we are providing both Master Card and Echeck payment options.

World Wide Shipping

We provide fast shipping to all the 50 states of the US and other 30 more countries where CBD oil is legal for sale.

Lab Tested

We test our products with a third-party lab test to ensure our product quality.

Live Tracking

You can track your packages with our live tracking portal.

Highly secured data protection

We respect your privacy. So, Vers Naturals won’t share the contact details of our users with any 3rd parties.