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Are you searching for ” Where to buy CBD oil online?” You are in the right place becasue our high graded organic pure CBD oil in full spectrum is what you needed.

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Vers Naturals is a high graded premium CBD oil company where you can buy CBD oil online with free shipping option. We have started this CBD oil company to create mass awareness about it and to sell 100% organic, gluten free, non-gmo CBD oil. Which may help many health issues such as Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Arthritis and Mood swing?

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You can contact our customer support at any time as the team will be online for 24*7 on all days expect holidays. To connect with them mail your doubts or issues to Pretty sure they will treat you in an unexpected friendly manner as they are well trained to handle all type of customers. Enjoy our support!

Similarly, Vers Naturals is built with many user-friendly features, use our site to get benefit from each.

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Why buy your CBD oil from Vers Naturals?

Non-Gmo Products

Glutten Free Products

100% Organic CBD oil

99% Pure CBD oil

The very first reason why you should pick our store to get your CBD products is for our organic, pure Full spectrum CBD oil. We do is to provide 100% organic and natural products to our customers.

All are organic CBD products

Our CBD oil is 100% organicFrom the cultivating process to the extraction process we are following the natural methods. This makes our products 99% organic one. We use the whole plant to get the CBD oil without any chemical substance. Finally, we are extracting the CBD oil by using the CO2 extraction method.

If you make a purchase from our site, this means you will be getting a 99.9% pure CBD oil. Like mentioned already we follow organic method to prepare our products without adding any additives and it doesn’t contain any pesticides.

We are working very hard to give quality product without increasing the THC. And that is the reason why we stick with delivering Full spectrum CBD products. Everyone will do some mistakes in their life like that if we did any mistake in our quality that will be found in our lab test process.

How good is our Full spectrum CBD oil?

Know about our product and how good it is before you decide to buy if you want.

Origin – Our full spectrum CBD oil is derived from the whole cannabis sativa plant that is we are using pressed flowers, seeds, and stalks that is the complete hemp plant.

Cultivation – You can purchase this pure full spectrum CBD oil exclusively from our CBD oil company as all our raw materials are directly sourced from the Colorado farms. Where they have cultivated the hemp plant completely in an organic method.

Extraction – After the cultivation, we use CO2 extraction method which is also completely an organic method.

CBD Concentration – And our CBD oil strength range from 240mg to 4850mg. Apart from this, we have a 240mg full spectrum CBD oil for pets which can be used for your dogs and cats. These may help with many health issues and helps to lead a healthy life for both humans and animals too.

99% pure CBD oilQuality Check – Finally, all our products will be tested by a trusted third-party laboratory. This is how we make our quality CBD oils. 

The final product gets rejected if the THC level is higher than 0.3% through third-party lab test process. If you want to see the lab reports, contact us, we will email you the documents after assuring you are an actual user to maintain our security.

By all the above process we are providing only organic CBD oil. You can’t expect the same quality anywhere else as you get from us. We will not compromise the quality of our CBD oil products with anything. We spend thousands of dollars to test the quality. So you can shop with confidence.

We offer free shipping for all your CBD oil orders

We are giving free shipping for CBD oilWe understand the customer’s huge problem that it’s difficult to pay an additional cost for shipping. So we have decided to add the CBD oil free shipping feature for all our customers.

People who are placing more than 100$ order can avail the offer. After placing the order in the checkout process you can select this option. No shipping cost will be added for your products. All the orders with free shipping will be done by USPS and deliver your package on your doorstep within 2-3 business days.

Order your CBD oil in 4 easy steps!


Step 1: Choose

Go to our ” shop CBD oil “page and select the desired products along with required quantities and Add to cart or buy now


Step 2: Register

If you are new uses register with Vers Naturals by filling our sign in form with your name, address, mobile phone, and email number, if not go ahead with ordering.


Step 3: Pay

Confirm your delivery(shipping) address and complete your payment process by applying coupon code if any


Step 4: Receive

After successful payment, you will get the ordered CBD oil by our fast door to doorstep shipping option.

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Our CBD Oil Customers Testimonials

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I just as of late caught wind of this item inside the most recent month. I've had issues with nervousness and anxiety, Took it for 7 days and it helped me a lot. Exceptionally suggest it for any individual who has issues with nervousness.

Kelsey Clark December 22, 2018

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This cbd oil conveys the relief from discomfort as publicized.
Likewise, the client benefit is REAL client benefit; I have possessed the capacity to address a human! Thank you.

Leah Vanderveldt December 21, 2018

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I've been taking 10 drops for each day for half a month for my anxiety and am stunned at the decrease in hip and other ordinary a throbbing painfulness. It additionally appears to keep me more settled than without. It's additionally helping my pooches with their versatility and heart conditions. Both are noticeably enhanced after only 2 drops every day for about fourteen days.

Jennifer Still December 20, 2018

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I think I have a back pain disorder I live in Chicago and am not ready to rest until like 4am, now and then I'm up to two days in succession with no rest. The CBD oil works great. Your item is stunning; I wish I had a membership for CBD. I don't experience difficulty resting around evening time any longer only 15 drops of this oil and it makes me feeling better now.

Andrew Flit December 19, 2018

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Full Spectrum CBD oils are a distinct advantage!
I initially investigated purchasing the drops for my chronic pain ...but in the wake of perusing the audits about how it assists with rheumatoid joint pain, I got them. The change was quick. I began with 5 drops in the morn and night however immediately advanced to 10 two times per day. It's been quite a while since I've felt about agony free. However with the joint pain (back, elbows, hips and knees) and thyroid issues.....It can be discouraging in light of the fact that I like to move and get things done! I'm back at the exercise center, strolling and lifting and I sense that I've encountered a total 180. I likewise educated two long-lasting companions regarding the drops as they have joint pain issues and one of them got them and is encountering the equivalent emotional changes. I wish I would have gotten them sooner...but knowing the past is 20/20, right! I'll be putting in my next request soon....

Chad Waldman December 19, 2018

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Leading the delivery was fantastically quick, which is colossal on the off chance that you are looking out for help for agony or nervousness. I don't know whether it is on the grounds that the CBD is progressively unadulterated for sure however it certainly had a more grounded impact than others we have attempted since. I needed to attempt different items previously I gave this audit so we've attempted 2 others and cbd oil gave the most alleviation once we got the portion made sense of. At first we completed 10 drops and that was waaaay to solid to begin off with, it gave a quite restless and anxious inclination. We found that 5-7 truly assisted with her nervousness and shoulder torment. Incredible item.

Lee December 18, 2018

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Administration is great. Their item is the best I've had. It gives genuine help from torment; I likewise use it for nervousness.

Joanne E December 17, 2018

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Great experience! Just wish it was a little more precise with small doses with the dropper. Also the bottle doesn't last at all it has a very small dose amount for the high price, for honestly a pretty easy product to make this day and age especially with it legal everywhere now. Just an honest opinion, very happy with the quality of your product just wish those 2 things.

Allyson Meyler December 17, 2018

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Awesome It truly encourages me a ton. I experience the ill effects of terrible disposition… a little sadness, anguish and nervousness. I just begun taking cannabidiol and everything including my tension is showing signs of improvement. It shows up I recovered my life. Much obliged to you.

Tamara Pridgett December 15, 2018

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I am 45 years youthful and I am having  back pain, carpel tunnel and knee pains. No more PHENOBARBITOL or DILANTIN 6 pills every day. I utilize the CBD OIL. 1 drop under tongue two times every day and the pain leaves. I will do all that I can to teach individuals about CBD.

Shawn Cox December 15, 2018

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Delivery is very quick. Client gadget is fantastic and the oil is to a great degree compelling. Astoundingly content with all around experience.

Kathy Poole December 14, 2018