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CBD oil properties and its benefits are one of the most popularly discussed topics in recent times. CBD oil has made sure to live up to the name and with Full spectrum CBD hemp oil the changes it brings to your health is more potent in its benefits.

We in Vers Naturals believe in delivering only quality products to our consumers, which has made us capture a spot under best selling CBD oil brands in the United States. To get to that place in a very short period was not easy but with your support and reliability, it was made possible.

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CBD hemp oil is legal in USA

Adopting CBD hemp oil lifestyle is fully legal now. All the 50 states have given the thumbs up for CBD oil derived from hemp. With CBD hemp oil being almost THC free with having a limit of .03%, it has been deemed as a Non-psychoactive component, so it not longer holds a spot under controlled substance. It is more of a health supplement now.

Why buy your CBD oil from Vers Naturals?

Who are we ? – The best CBD oil company has started in 2018 after realising that there are scarcity in deliverying the pure and best quality CBD oil.
After knowing the difficulty in getting the best CBD oil, we started one by ourself after a lot of struggle and tedious process. We assure our customers willl get high quality products at an affordable rate.
Our mission is to help to improve their life style more than profit of our business.
To serve you better, we have collaborated with local laboratories and CBD oil experst to verify our products before it is out for delivery.
Its wonderful you have landed here. Enjoy your shopping with

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100% Organic CBD oil

99% Pure CBD oil

What makes Vers Natural CBD oil so special?

CBD hemp oil has so many special features which make it stand out also to hold a special place in your heart.

Full spectrum CBD hemp oil:

Full spectrum is fully loaded with the whole Phyto cannabinoid package which is derived from the whole plant. The endocannabinoid system gets a positive boost from all the terpenes, vitamins, minerals and cannabinoid present in a full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum with higher potency brings the maximum benefits for our customers. Our goal to never go halfway with our consumers has made all our products full spectrum.

100% organic hemp oil:

Organic makes the CBD hemp oil much healthier. We ensure that the organic policy is followed from its cultivation, extraction until it is packaged without any preservatives, additives, coloring or any other foreign components. We understand how much being 100 % organic can make difference in the effect of the product. Our products represent our brand name Vers Naturals by being totally natural.

Pure CBD oil:

Purity matters and with CBD oil its everything. We use the most reputable Co2 extraction method to achieve maximum purity standards. This method is expensive but if it can provide quality products to you then its worth it. The Co2 method with the use of high-pressure carbon dioxide helps to extract the oil from the plant in the process removing all the toxins and in the end with giving out clean and safe CBD oil even the Co2 fades away.

Did You Know?

CBD oil is said to have been found as a health benefitting medicine and an effective form of treatment for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

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More About Our Products

CBD hemp oil which is purely the United States based:

Our CBD hemp oil is purely home based, it is easier to keep a close eye on the process that way. All the components which go into a product are sourced strictly form the USA, we don’t believe in compromise in that point. With everything being in the US we can go for regular checks to make sure that everything is happening the way it should, being organic and pure.

Sourcing the raw materials from outside the US doesn’t provide us with this much of flexibility to make sure that only high quality, organic and pure CBD oil is delivered to you in the end.

What can provide better assurance than third part lab testing:

In Vers Naturals we understand that just claiming our product to be high quality, safe and pure just doesn’t cut the mark, we should provide you with solid proof. Therefore, all our products are third party tested and the results are published for all of you to see.  The testing happens batch wise sometimes even individually so that there is consistency.

The third party testing provides you with the results that tell you that are full spectrum CBD oil promises what we have claimed as being less THC and also with more components that provide maximum benefits.

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If you are new uses register with Vers Naturals by filling our sign in form with your name, address, mobile phone, and email number, if not go ahead with ordering.


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